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Interesting Sightseeings
Periodically, we organize at our events like live music, a buffet with plenty of fun, dancing and singing. Also beside the pool or the space under the trees at midday start barbecue accompanied by cold beer and Greek music! Finally, the small bar by the sea ouzovradies will keep you company with many different appetizers and soft music, overlooking the beach of Koutsouras.
Archaeological sites- Knossos palace
The largest Archaeological site in Crete from the Bronze Age and the center of Minoan civilization.

Gortyna, Archaeological palace
Phaistos, Archaeological palace

A short trip from Elounda, this small island is the location one of the most important
Venetian castles in Crete built in 1579 for the port’s protection.

The new aquarium of Crete is open. Using a part of old U.S.A military base in Gouves (north coast),
near Heraklion - new aquarium is open every day - from 10:30 till 17:30.
Admission is 7 euros.

Public market (Bazaar)
There is a public market (Bazaar) in Ierapetra every Saturday morning and every Friday in Makry Gialos.
Among the hustle and the perfumes of various products, be sure you will find local products and
opportunities, and interesting souvenirs as well. The traditional cretan products grown and produced
with the utmost care is in abundance.

Some more places we suggest you to visit:

  • Archaeological sites
  • Beautiful cities: Agios Nikolaos, Sitia, Ierapetra, Heraklion
  • Excursions
  • Sports activities
  • Marine activities
  • Explore beaches
  • Night entertainment

Water parks
Water City: Anopoli is the largest water park in Europe.
Aqua Plus: in Chersonissos

Snorkeling in Crete
Snorkeling is a relaxing activity you can enjoy for hours with the huge variety of marine life in Crete.

A trip to the villages and mountains of Crete is the perfect holiday activity, a series of mountain bike tours
organized in Crete by the Cretan Adventures. It is located in Heraklion and their tours lasting from one day to 35 km.

Hiking in Crete

  • Hiking in Crete, hiking in the gorges of Crete.
  • Agiofarago, in the Messaraarea, hiking in the gorge of the Saints.
  • Asteroussia mountains the mountain range along the southern coast of crete.
  • Koutsouras gorge
  • Mount Dikti, hiking in east Crete (Lassithi)
  • Idi or Psiloritis, the mountain of Zeus and the highest mountain in Crete.
  • Gorge Mygias in Anogeia.
  • The gorge Pines is a small canyon in south-eastern Crete, down from the Peukoi village of Makrus Gialos.
  • Pervolakia gorge, next to the Kapsa monastery.
  • Hiking in the gorge in western Crete Polirinia.
  • Rouvas gorge, on the southern slopes of mount Idi, in central Crete.
  • Samaria gorge, hiking in the largest gorge in Europe
  • Vorizia gorge and Kamares cave, spectacular view to the south of Crete.
  • White Mountains, hiking, more than 50 peaks higher than 2km.
  • Zakros gorge or gorge of the Dead, south of Sitia.

There are still countless places to explore , tell us your wishes and we will help you with your activities.